Sunday, August 30, 2009


Three Months: A Caregiving Journey
From Heartbreak To Healing
120-page book personal story chronicles 
the hero's journey every caregiver must take. 
Includes valuable resources for loving
and letting go.

Family Folktales:
 Write Your Own Family Stories
116-page workbook  introduces folktale themes. Writing, podcast
 and scrapbook techniques as well as sample folktales. 
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Black Pepper  Visions:
Original Folk Tales You Can Eat
160-page book captures the magic of food through original
folktales. Includes foodlore and recipes.

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Moose Mash and Other Stories
  144-page book of short stories  
  celebrates the passions of everyday life.
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Love Potions, Lotions and Lore
 18+ international authors and artists share thoughts, hopes and experiences about love in all of its forms. 

Amazing Health,  Amazing You
7 Keys to Unlock Your Hidden Vibrancy
 and Live Your BEST Life Ever!  
52 page e-book offers simple access to wellness.

Are You Ready
  To Generate The Media Visibility You Want?
18 page e-book helps you prepare for success.

Family Folktales: 
What Are Yours?
42-page e-book explores how to write folktales.
Includes exercises and examples.

Spanish Cuisine 
One Region At a Time: Catalonia
20-page e-book explores the food lore of Barcelona Paella. Includes recipe and cooking tips.


Three Months:
A Caregiving Journey 
from Heartbreak to Healing 
A chronicle of the caregiver's journey. Includes valuable resources for loving and letting go.

Turn Your Treasured Memories
into Folklore
10 page e-book explores ways to create family folktales. FREE with subscription to FolkHeart Press e-newsletter

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