Sunday, August 30, 2009


Just Released!
Love Poems for the Land and the People

      14-page e-book: a seaweed lullaby for sea otter. 
                         Includes bonus facts and folklore.
       Extra: Free, Narrated Slideshow Book        More

 Family Folktales:
What Are Yours?
42-page e-book explores how to write folktales.
Includes exercises and examples. 

Love Potions, Lotions and Lore
  18+ international authors and artists share thoughtshopes and experiences about love in all of its forms. 


Spanish Cuisine 

One Region At a Time: Catalonia

20-page e-book explores the food lore of Barcelona Paella
Includes recipe and cooking tips.

               Four Seasons  Free      
    Turn Your Treasured Memories
Into Folklore

Out of Print:
Amazing Health, Amazing You
Black Pepper Visions: Food Tales
Moose Mash
Three Months: Caregiver Journey

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