Saturday, January 29, 2011



What Others Are Saying

"Family Folktales: What Are Yours?  provides quick and simple techniques to capture family history and preserve it for generations to come. Karen Pierce Gonzalez revives the lost art of family storytelling by inspiring us to recall favorite peope, events and cherished objects in as little as fifteen minutes. Drawing on her own experiences as aw riter, student of folklore and creative writing teacher, she demonstrates how simple and rewarding writing family stories can be. Stories are indeed medicine, and I recommend this book for anyone wanting to deepen their relationships with their families."
Catherine Anne Held, Ph.D., Ancestors’ Way

"About Spanish Cuisine One Region at a Time: Catalonia: Mr. Balaguer included a great history of the region where the recipe came from, there were maps and great sections on local chefs. The Paella recipe was not only detailed and precise, it came with serving suggestions, tips for turning the entree into a full meal, including wine and dessert suggestions, and even resources! The photo gave me a good idea of what my dish should end up looking like too! Amazing!
I got what I thought was a recipe book and ended up with so much more. As for the recipe? Oh my God, one of the best Paella dishes I've ever had, even if I did make it myself, lol. For $5.95 I got a little history, a good read, some great tips and information and the Paella recipe I was looking for."
Diva Chef, The Diva of Tiny Foods

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